Meet Jessica and Adam

The Dingo Bar opened fall 2016 by Jessica Kinney and Adam Pretorius


The Dingo Bar opening fall 2016 as a result of the dedication of two friends who met during their studies in the Executive MBA program at the University of Iowa. We seek to provide you with a calming atmosphere and quality coffee and food. We are excited about our literary cafe as a place for discussing books, TV series, movies, and anything that one is passionate over a cup of coffee and a pastry. Our doors are wide open to any and everybody; please come in and get comfortable…and enjoy a local coffee shop

Located in the urban Peninsula Neighborhood community, The Dingo Bar aims to provide on-the-go individuals with a sanctuary for work and relaxation. Equipped with lightening-fast Wi-Fi, and a welcoming atmosphere, lounge, pastries and sandwiches, The Dingo Bar is perfect for any personal or professional activity

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